Manufacture more money, monthly

Build a predictable cyclical sales process that grows sales, retains profit and stacks momentum, month on month.

This completely changed my business

Our first launch in 2021 generated $17k and our second  $100k - NO discounts.

Johanna Preston
Preston Zly

Something's got to give

Not Growing

You're spending countless dollars on advertising and the cost keeps going up (while the return keeps going down).

Bleeding Profit

You're losing tens of thousands of dollars on raw materials & unsold inventory every time you don't sell out.

No Control

You launch random offers & discounts to fill cash gaps and "do something" but the more you do it, the less they generate.

Meet 10k Customers

That's what we fix.

We help you create rhythm and predictability with a cyclical sales system that allows you to rely on large injections of cash based on a proven launch process that performs (and grows) every month.

"We’re making more money and more profit than we ever have - and NO discounts”

Sandi Holborn
Shoe Fun

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