Case Study

How Our Client Doubled YOY Growth with Product Launches

Using our proprietary product launch strategy, Opening Night has doubled their growth rate this quarter in a highly competitive industry thanks to their successful product launches. Read our case study now and get inspired about how to run successful product launches.

March 22, 2023

Meet Our Client

When Opening Night met us, they were a rock solid omni-channel business. Having acquired the retail part of the business, CEO Melinda was quick to move online and start building her sales there too.

Like a lot of Melbourne retailers, she'd seen the value of growing an online channel in an uncertain environment and knew that retail and online had to go hand in hand.

The question was - how?

And what was the most effective approach for growing both?

What They Wanted

Prior to working with us, Opening Night had engaged with suppliers for SEO but the natural growth they'd been able to generate had been simply from doing good business - that's one of the companies super power.

Melinda from Opening Night knew she wanted to grow - and a lot - but so far, the methods she'd put into place were not highly effectve. They were doing "okay" and anyone who has scrolled their feed at any point knows that you can get really impressive results online (because you see everyone's success stories everywhere).

If you're someone who hasn't done a lot of digital marketing and advertising, the trick is knowing which way to turn or what decision to make.

That's where 10k Customers stepped in for Opening Night

What We Did

10k Customers is a product launch specialisation agency, but we're not just for businesses that have new products to launch. A lot of our clients are surprised that their business - with no additional products added - can leverage product launches to successfully grow their business.

Opening Night was no different.

They had an enormous range of products and options, which presents the perfect opportunity to use our highly specific strategy of controlling product availability to manufacture demand.

We developed a product cycling strategy that meant selections of products were offered to customers at certain times. We also developed a mechanism internally to train the customers to expect an offer at a certain time every month.

The Results

Even though they're in a highly competitive and saturated industry, we've been able to help them almost double their growth rate from the previous year, in less than 6 months of working together.

Combining our product launch strategy with distribution across the entire internet - emails, ads, SMS and social media - Opening Night has netted themselves a 37% increase in sales online in Q1 of 2023.

The cycle of product availability is organised, structured and going live on a pre-determined cycle that aligns with the business owner's cash needs, ensuring that the revenue target that's set each month is met and exceeded, month on month.

What Next

Without any systemic breakthroughs or improvements on how Opening Night can manufacture more money by deploying successful product launches, this company is on track to double their sales by the end of 2023.

That's without any technical improvements...

But because at 10k Customers, we believe that manufacturing money is like manufacturing product, technical breakthroughs on how Opening Night should launch their products will occur through repetition, making each launch more and more successful.

Typically, we find our clients have more challenges keeping up with production of product than they do producing revenue from our highly effective product launch strategy.

Would you like that to be your problem?


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