Case Study

Selling Designer Goods In A Recession: How Our Client Grew by +97% in Q1 2023

Discover how our designer and luxury goods client grew by over 97% in the first quarter of 2023, (despite a recession) using our successful product launch strategy that reliably and predictably generates sold out launches.

March 22, 2023

Meet Our Client

Preston Zly has been a long-standing client since 2020 and over the years, we have helped them migrate from a retail only business, to a dual channel retail + online business to a business that has their sight's firmly set on being an online-only business within the next 18 months.

When Preston Zly started this journey with 10k Customers, they had no online presence and their online channel accounted for 30% of their sales, with 70% retail based.

Now it's the reverse, and will soon become an online-only company that allows the founders, Johanna Preston and Petr Zly, to do their best work from any where in the world (but more on that in another case study).

What They Wanted

Preston Zly has gone from success to success using our launch process - their very first launch in Q1 2021 generated $17,000 in sales and their second launch in Q4 of 2021 generated $100,000. Since then, Preston Zly has gone on to grow their wildly successful product launches year on year...

Until 2023.

This year, the objective was simple -

Can we transform a seasonal business that relies on two collection launches per year for large injections of cash, into a more systemic business that receives those injections of cash monthly?

The answer, is yes. This case study explores what we did to begin that transformation.

What We Did

We have spent years building the infrastructure, systems and processes for generating Preston Zly's product launch results. We weren't starting from nothing.

But structurally speaking, how a twice-a-year product collection launch is deployed is very different to how you deploy a once a month product launch - particularly when your objective is to optimise the manufacturing of money, systemically.

We knew that the campaign structure we have developed and deployed for Preston Zly had to go through significant architectural changes.

For a monthly product launch to be successful, you must:

  1. Invest significant amounts of time and energy into perfecting a systematic hype phase that gets customers prepared to buy on a certain date (this is particularly true with designer & luxury goods).
  2. Be able to maintain creative production alongside the campaign requirements (product launch campaigns are content- and creative-eating machines).
  3. Retrain the customer base to understand the new cycle of launches so they're able to predict, time and prepare themselves to buy when they feel the rhythm of the product launch.

That might sound like it's a simple list but each of these require the right strategy to achieve the outcome as efficiently as possible. That's what we help companies like Preston Zly (and you!) navigate with product launches.

The Results So Far

Preston Zly will never stop seeking more and more efficient ways to manufacture money - that's the kind of leadership and growth goals they have in their company.

Since pivoting to monthly product launches at the beginning of 2023, the company has seen:

  • 97% increase in full-priced product sales (no discounts needed)
  • 1383% increase in customers who engage with launches
  • 75% increase in retail sales of full-priced product

And we're just getting started in refining the process of monthly product launches for Preston Zly.

What Next

Creating successful product launches that repeatedly generate the results you want is an ongoing process, particularly as your business needs change and as your requirements around how money enters your business evolve.

As each month progresses, we are just a series of tweaks away from the next money manufacturing breakthrough.

That's what we love about product launches at 10k Customers - their ability to systematically and reliably produce sales on whatever cycle you want gives you the power to decide how you want your customers to buy from you, when and how much.


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