Case Study

How to triple your product launch results

Read how our client was able to generate a significant increase in launch revenue, in spite of not being able to breakthrough on $4,000 per launch previously.

March 7, 2023
A client's product launch case study from Q4 of 2022

Meet Our Client

When our client reached out to us, they had been toying with the weekly product launch of a new flavour. The only problem is, they had diminishing returns with each launch.

Not only were their weekly sales not increasing, but they also weren't able to break through a very low minimum launch revenue of only $4,000.

In the world of product launches, this is a tiny amount. For most companies doing any significant level of turnover, $4,000 of revenue is an insignificant return on the time, energy, money, and resources invested in developing new products, not to mention going to effort of marketing and selling them.

Another problem was the internal team's ability to repeatedly reproduce launches. Simply put, they couldn’t keep up with the volume of launches over an extended period of time.

What They Wanted

Our client saw other companies in the same industry and niche doing successful launches but couldn’t figure out how to get similar results (despite their best attempts). These companies were also doing weekly flavour launches, but our client wasn’t executing as effectively as their competitors.

That's where 10k Customers entered.

What We Did

We took our proprietary 10k Customers 'Successful Product Launch' process and deployed it against the client's business. This unique process harnesses product launch deployment across multiple channels and internal systemisation strategies learned through years of working in production-line businesses.

A first launch is always what we would define as "underperforming", and this client was no exception. They were able to generate the same result from the first 10k Customers launch as what they had achieved in the past.

The first deployment that 10k Customers does for our clients is not for producing sky-high results. Instead, it's done to achieve two things:

1. To create a basic launch process that lays over top of the assets that you, as a client, currently have.

2. To reveal internal system faults that stop your company from generating the results it has the potential to achieve.

Our belief is that it’s possible to manufacture money systemically, just like product manufacturing. When you're not able to manufacture that money, it is always caused by an internal system fault (or faults) that stop, bottleneck, or break the money manufacturing process.

Launches, or campaigns, reveal those faults.

This client was no different. As the first launch was deployed, a number of internal systems and processes broke down, stopping the flow of money through their sales system.

Post-campaign, the real work began. We addressed the system faults that occurred so that the next launch ran smoother and was able to generate more money from running the exact same launch process.

On this client's second launch, we strategically decided to time the campaign over Christmas. We also spent weeks addressing the initial campaign’s system faults to ensure this new one ran smoother.

The result? The exact same launch process was able to produce triple the launch revenue despite being almost exactly the same launch architecturally.

Of course, the Christmas season naturally drove sales as well, but keep in mind that we specifically timed the launch for that period to dramatically increase the results.  

What Next

10k Customers’ proprietary launch process involves repetition - like a production process to manufacture product. It produces cyclical, reliable, and ever-growing results.

So what did we do next?

The exact same work that we did in between the first and second launches!

  • We address the system faults that occurred on the second launch so that they do not re-occur on the third launch.
  • We expand the launch architecture slightly so that we're able to hit more pockets of the database using personalised messaging.
  • We expand the visibility of the launch across the client's assets through the addition of new channels.
  • We time the campaign so that it's positioned on a date when consumers already have their credit cards out and are spending.

The next launch will be even bigger. Again and again, like clockwork.

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